A website is defined as a set of related web pages that are generally served from one web domain. Also called as "web site" or simply "site", it is being hosted on one web server by the least. A website can be accessed via a network like the Internet, or a private LAN (local area network) through a URL (uniform resource locator).

Basically, a website's pages can be accessed from a simple uniform resource locator which is known as the web address. The uniform resource locators of the pages are the ones that arrange them into some form of heirarchy. Hyperlinking between these pages reveals the website's structure to the reader and guides the reader's navigation of it.

A website's heirarchy generally includes a Home page, About page, Contact page, as well as the Links page. Some websites need a subscription in order for the reader to gain access to some or all of their content, and they are known as "subscription sites". Examples of such sites are some news websites, business websites, gaming websites, file-sharing websites, web-based e-mail, stock market websites, academic journal websites, and many more.

In general, websites have a lot of functions and they can be utilized in several ways. It can be one of the following: personal, commercial, non-profit organization, or government type. A website can be established by a certain individual, business, or organization, and it can be about a particular topic. Any site can have a hyperlink to another site, especially if it has a common theme with the latter.